Helipro provides all of the selections and features they need for their business in one place. We sell a wide variety of take away paper food container, paper tableware, paper grocery bag, hawker and deli wrap paper to all food service needs. From lunch box to dessert box perfect for pre-packed meals with eco-friendly options with our recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

We have an assortment of paper bags that are perfect for produce markets and grocery stores. We can cater your event with affordable, lightweight paper plates and dinnerware. We offer these environmental friendly products in every shape and size, so you’ll have no trouble finding everything as we have you covered. Click on our categories to learn more!

Hawker Paper

Burger Wrapper

Paper Lunch Box

Take Away Kraft Food Container

Paper Tray

Paper Plate

Paper Bowl

Paper Cup

Ice Cream Paper Cup

Pizza Box

Burger Box

Brown/White Paper Bag