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Supermarket Perforated Roll


Supermarket perforated rolls are a must have plastic bags to any grocery store or market selling fresh vegetables by weight. With our selection in variety of sizes, you can find the perfect bags to suit your needs and accommodate every kind of produce you sell from tomatoes to bananas and more at affordable prices.

Features & Benefits

  • Perfect for supermarket, convenience store and farmer’s markets.
  • Moisture and vapor resistant
  • Capable of holding bulk produce items

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    Dimension (Width x Height) Thickness Packing
    8” x 12” 0.02mm 1kg/roll
    9” x 14” 0.02mm 1kg/roll
    10” x 16” 0.02mm 1kg/roll
    12” x 18” 0.02mm 1kg/roll
    14” x 20” 0.02mm 1kg/roll