Our metalized bag come in a wide range of sizes from packaging smaller sample portions to larger quantity items of your products. We offer two different styles which comes in semi metalized and full metalized bags. For retail, use a standard sealer machine to heat seal the bag closed. Tear notches are available for the customer to open the bag with ease after purchase. We also offer custom laminated packaging which is known for their excellent oxygen and moisture barrier qualities.

Features & Benefits

  •   3 side seal design with a clear front and metallic back
  •   High strength and non-breakage or non-leakage
  •   Heat sealable bag with tear notches
  •   Resealing zipper top with gusset
  •   Food safe material
  •   Pre-punched round hang hole for retail display
  •   Perfect for displaying meat jerky and other popular snack food
  •   Custom printed laminated bags are available!
  •   Work with all vacuum sealers – do check out our Vacuum Sealer Machine

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semi metalized plastic bag

Semi Metalized Bag

Semi Metalized Bag with Zipper

full metalized plastic bag

Full Metalized Bag