Our courier bag are your go-to method of shipping your small/lightweight products in a manner that is cheaper, more space-efficient and easily customizable according to your needs. They are strong, flexible, waterproof with permanent sealing tape to secure your products during the shipping process.

Features & Benefits

  • Stretchable, durable and functional
  • Lightweight and protective
  • Provides protection from UV rays

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Dimension (Width x Height) Thickness Packing
COURIER (S) A5 SIZE                180mm x 255mm + 50mm flap 0.055mm 50pcs/pkt

COURIER (M) A4 SIZE                       250mm x 340mm + 50mm flap

0.055mm 50pcs/pkt
COURIER (L) A3 SIZE                    310mm x 400mm + 60mm flap 0.055mm 50pcs/pkt