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Ice cream paper cups are the industry standard in serving ice cream scoops in casual sit-down and take-out at ice cream parlour, food truck or ‘pasar malam’. They come with lids as well. They are environmental friendly so you can reduce your business’s carbon footprint.

Features & Benefits

  •   Environmental friendly
  •   Idea for eating on-the-go
  •   Spill-proof lid

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    Description Dimension        (Width x Length x Height) Packing
    3oz Ice Cream Cup Ø76 X 60 X 51mm 20 pkt x 50pcs
    4oz Ice Cream Cup with Lid Ø87 X 70 X 45mm 20 pkt x 50pcs
    5oz Ice Cream Cup with Lid Ø87 X 72 X 56mm 20 pkt x 50pcs