These clear garment cover (dry clean plastic cover) are made from PP (Polypropylene) with hanger holes and sloped shoulders. They are perfect for protecting everything in a common wardrobe and keeping them wrinkle free! Besides keeping your clothes free from dust, our disposable garment cover can cover everything from formal wear, full length coats, evening gowns, shirts and suits.

Features & Benefits

  •   Excellent clarity, lightweight and protective
  •   Keep your wardrobe selections dust free and wrinkle free

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    Dimension (Width x Height) Thickness Packing
    21” x 36” 0.035mm 100pcs/pkt
    24” x 36” 0.03mm 100pcs/pkt
    21” x 45”       0.035mm 100pcs/pkt
    22” x 52”  0.03mm 100pcs/pkt