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Sealing Machine (Impulse Sealer)


Impulse sealers are recommended for most basic plastic sealing which is quick and easy way to securely close your packaging. Simply place your product into the sealing area and press down on the handle. A quick pulse of energy will be applied to the sealing area in seconds with no warm up necessary. These table top heat impulse hand sealers are great for sealing poly tubing and poly bags / thermoplastics such as Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE).

Features & Benefits

  •   No warm-up needed with power only used when the handle is lowered.
  •   Come in a few sizes with variable timer that allows sealing on various types and thickness of plastics
  •   Durable and economical
  •   Signal light indicates when heat cycle is complete
  •   Seal plastic in a single simple step!
  •   Can seal up to 10 MIL thickness with a 5mm seal.

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