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Our cookie and candy container comes with variety of shapes and sizes made of high grade of PET (Polyethene Terephthalate) and PS (Polystyrene). The PET cookie jar comes with a selection of colored lids to accompany the product. Available in pack and pallet quantities, this plastic jar has been used in various of industrial applications including pastry, food, sweets, ingredients, powders, pastes and more. They are lightweight, crystal clear and completely recyclable.

For PS container which comes with round, oval, rectangle, square and even heart shape, they are clear transparent, easy to identify the products inside, good for storage, easy to clean and reusable. Due to their excellent clarity, they are perfect for showing off your products inside.

Features & Benefits

  •   Clear transparent therefore easy to identify the products inside
  •   Stackable – ideal for storage and save space
  •   Easy to clean – dirt resistant material
  •   Perfect for your pastry, cookie and candy product

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PET Container

PS Container