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Aluminium Foil Container


We carry affordable aluminium foil to-go container for better reheating or presentation options. With so many carryout / take out box options, it can be hard to decide which is best for your restaurant. These foil food containers are perfect for you to showcase your finely crafted foods for your establishment’s needs, whether you are offering rice, noodle, salad, nachos or any other entrees. They can trap as much heat, moisture and flavor as possible. With a variety of size and shape options, as well as lids, you are sure to find the perfect aluminium foil container that you need.

Features & Benefits

  •   Microwave and freezer safe
  •   Lightweight, disposable and easy to use
  •   Eco friendly as aluminium foil material can be recycled
  •   Keeps grill clean
  •   Perfect for catering, bakery, barbecues and even picnic!

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