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OPS Food Container (Clamshell)


Clamshell food containers are an easy and convenient option for packaging ready made salads, sandwiches, cakes, pies and more. These containers are made from OPS which is excellent in transparency and feature hinged lids for easy opening and closing. They are also available in various sizes including rectangles, squares, round and wedges to accommodate any type of food you need to pack.

The hinged lids and snap-on lids to ensure that the container will remain sealed and ensure your food retain it’s freshness and taste. Available at affordable prices in every shape and size, these containers will help your customers bring your delicious food home to enjoy!

Features & Benefits

  •   As light and strong as plastic
  •   Make excellent deli containers, salad bar, sandwiches and prepared meals
  •   Hinged lids and snap-on lids for easy opening and closing

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OPS Food Container 

(Locking Series)

OPS Food Container

(Non-Locking Series)

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