Vacuum Machine


Prolonging the shelf life of your meats, vegetables and other food with our vacuum nylon bags and vacuum machines as vacuum-packed products can last 3 to 5 times longer than non-packaged foods. We carry these portable machines in many sizes to suit the quantity and type of item you need to seal. These easy-to-use vacuum machines are perfect for supermarkets, restaurants and smaller produce stands or butcher shops that need to maintain the freshness of their products. You can also create sous vide dishes that are perfectly cooked all around. Simply insert your vacuum bag over seal bar, close the machine and press to start! Make sure you have at least one replacement heating wire and more than one lower Teflon strip on hand.

Features & Benefits

  • Removes the air out of your packaging bags and creates a leak proof seal to prevent spillage and helps to reduce food spoilage and prolong the foods’ fresh and flavorful taste.
  • One touch automatic vacuum sealing with easy-to-use pulse setting
  • Portable and lightweight

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Vacuum Machine

Teflon Strip and Heating Wire (Repair Kit)