Custom Made


How do I request for quotation on custom made orders?

For quotation, you can email us at and stipulate the following :-

The type of bags required (i.e. T-Shirt Bag, Softloop Handle Bag, Die Cut Handle Bag etc)

  1. The size of the bags required (Width + Gusset (if any) x Height) – Please refer HOW TO MEASURE
  2. Is printing required, how many colors on how many sides and the base color of the bag.
  3. The quantity per size / order required.
How do I place an order?

You can view the specific product page that you’re interested in and review all of the details,

including types of material, thickness, lead time and other details.

Based on the quotation given, you can confirm the order by signing (with company stamp if any) the quotation/Purchase Order and fax (03-9131 0522) or email us at You are required to e-mail us the artwork (preferably in Adobe Illustrator format) for final proof.  We shall email you the final artwork in 2 working days for approval. 

To confirm and approve the final artwork we sent to you, kindly sign and fax it to us at 03-9131 0522 or email 

When placing your order, 50% being deposit payment for the order is required. Cheques are accepted.  However, the order will only be processed until the cheque clears. 

Upon completion of your order, the remaining payment will be due and to be paid before delivery/collection. We shall contact you when your plastic bags are ready for delivery/collection.

How do I cancel order?

For custom print, the order cannot be cancelled once the final artwork proof is signed and confirmed. For non-printing, the order cannot be cancelled once the pre-production steps has begun.      

      If you need to cancel your custom order AFTER proof signed and production began, there will be cancellation charges that apply, or deposit payment shall be forfeited depending on the progress of the production. 

      In the case of changes on artwork/size of the plastic bag during the printing block is being made, you will bear the additional printing block charges and the necessary fees incurred depends on the new artwork requirement.

What is the minimum order quantity for custom made?

Our minimum order varies according to type, size and thickness of the bags you order.

Can you print less than the minimum order?

Yes, depending on the requirement which is subject to case by case basis.

Is the minimum order per size or for my entire order?

The minimum order given shall be based on each size required. For example, there are 2 sizes required, and each size has different minimum order quantity, size A is 10,000pcs and size B is 15000pcs subject to the specifications of the plastic bags.

Can you send me some custom printed samples?

Yes, we’d happy to. We can post 1-2pcs of the samples to you for free or even better if you could drop by at our office for more samples. Please click here for LOCATION MAP.