Custom Made

What is your printing production time and how soon can you deliver the custom printed plastic bags?

For non-printing orders, the lead time of the production to be completed is within 2 weeks or     more depends on the size of the order.

For custom printing bags, the lead time for the order to be completed is from 3 to 4 weeks time  upon approval of final artwork confirmation and deposit/balance payment being made. All times are reflected in business days

Can I have some samples of my plastic bags with my artwork on it before I order / full delivery?

No. You will not receive a physical sample of your product. However, we will email/fax to you the final artwork confirmation and you will required to sign and approved the artwork prior ordering. However, we will be glad to send you some of our custom printed samples or a mock-up sample before we proceed with the production.

Can I have a request for a mock-up sample?

Yes, you certainly can. We can prepare the mock-up sample after the order is confirmed.

Why do you have over runs and under runs policy?

Due to the nature of manufacturing plastic bags, the exact quantities ordered are seldom produced. Final quantity is subject to ±10% variance (over/under run) depending on the product wastage. All overruns manufactured will be invoiced. The exact final quantity shall be shown in the invoice. The policy of over and under runs is a commercially acceptable practice and exists industry-wide.

Quantity tolerances

Please note: Quantity tolerances vary depending on bag size and quantity ordered. Tolerances of up to +/- 10% on plain bags & up to +/- 15% on printed bags must be accepted, +/- ¼” tolerance on hole locations, +/-¼” tolerance on die cut handle location. Print location may vary. 

Size tolerances

Size may vary within acceptable industry tolerances of +/- ¼” on length and width. Seal top bags: width is measured from between the zipper crimps; length is measured from bottom of bag to bottom of zipper unless otherwise specified. 

Thickness Tolerances

Mil thickness may vary +/- 5%. High-Density T-shirt and merchandise bags, as well as some low-density bags less than .001 mil. 

Color Tolerances

Ink colors will be matched as closely as possible. may vary +/- 5%. The Opaque film may vary in color and opacity. If no film sample is supplied to to match, we will determine the color and opacity.